Our Story

Zona Personal Spa was born out of the basic idea of creating a brand of skincare products that is at a significantly higher level of quality than what is widely available.
Rich in antioxidants, the Zona skincare line is formulated with the highest quality active botanical ingredients that are meticulously selected. The products are dermatologist approved and recommended, recognized by many users for their therapeutic properties. 
Our formulations are made without using any parabens (preservatives), sulfates, artificial colors, harsh detergents, heavy metals or other chemicals that are potentially harmful to the skin. 
Created with ease of use in mind, the Zona skincare line is designed to replenish, invigorate and deliver essential antioxidant properties to the skin during your everyday cleansing regimen and beyond. 
Zona creates a Personal Spa right in the privacy of your own space.  
Cleanse, Nourish, Relax, Enjoy...
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