Zona's Helpful Skincare Tips

Skincare Tips Introduction 

We believe that the most important skincare tip is for you the user to know what you are putting on your skin. At Zona it is our strong conviction that a product should be as natural as it can be. Even then, in the realm of natural ingredients, there are some that might not be so good for you. Very often such ingredients are used in natural products only because of their inexpensive nature but whether they are good for you or not it’s a completely different topic. 

That’s why the Zona products are made with 100% Active Botanical Ingredients that have been meticulously selected for their superior qualities. Most often these organically grown ingredients are found in remote places and cared for in small eco-friendly lots ensuring the highest quality yield. So yes we pay more for these premium ingredients but we deliver products with the best possible skin properties. Not only these plant extracts are of the highest quality but we also place them in our formulas at a quantity high enough to ensure they are in fact delivering the nourishing and antioxidant properties these ingredients have. That's why we use the term Active-Botanicals. 

Further more the ZONA products are made without ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, artificial color or fragrances, heavy metals or petroleum derived additives. Whether you are using Zona products or not for your skincare needs, our hope is that you will choose brands that are made without the above mentioned ingredients. These are usually used by manufacturers because of their inexpensive nature, growing their profit margins but not necessarily beautifying your skin and also in some cases questionable for your health. 

We think educating yourself about the products you are currently using is one of the best skincare tips ever. Learn about the ingredients, do a Google search, look it up at the library, ask an expert about what's toxic and what's not. Please remember that what is placed on your skin is often absorbed into the body. 

The Zona formulas are made with a combination of 12 Active Botanical ingredients. The combination of these many active and antioxidant ingredients, applied all at once, delivers an unparalleled wide spectrum of properties for the skin. Regular use of Zona formulations makes for very healthy skin. Our natural and aroma-therapeutic scents will add harmony in your life. 

Beauty comes from within, so for younger and vibrant looking skin, remember to drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, eat healthy freshly prepared foods, and drink plenty of green tea and other natural drinks. 


Why using SPUGNA CLEANSE for your cleansing regimen is so important? 

Using your hands when bathing will only be good to wash the surface of your skin but not to deep cleanse it, something that is an absolute must to have healthy skin. In order to achieve that one needs to use some type of sponge, loofha or wash cloth with a good body wash or soap. However, the problem with many sponges is that often are made with toxic materials and are known to have carcinogenic heavy-metals in them as part of the dye process when manufacturing that particular product. Even natural loofhas carry the person's own bacteria after the first time it is used, housing it and multiplying by the billions over time. These are not good cleansing methods to say the list as they can have side effects. 

SPUGNA BODY CLEANSE and SPUGNA FACE CLEANSE are the right product for this very important task. Spugna is made with a material that is hypoallergenic, hospital-grade and non-toxic, certified to be free of heavy-metals and most importantly bacteriostatic, meaning that bacteria does not grow on this sponge ever. 

We recommend to use ZONA SPUGNA BODY CLEANSE daily in your cleansing regimen as you would normally with any other sponge and once a week for a vigorous exfoliation. In this case you would apply more pressure when using SPUGNA. Exfoliating is very important because removing your dead skin cells will allow for the new ones to emerge while at the same time getting rid of stored toxins in the epidermis. The result is much softer and brighter-healthy-looking skin. Spugna is dermatologist approved and recommended. Always use SPUGNA BODY CLEANSE with a good body wash or soap. 

We recommend to use ZONA SPUGNA FACE CLEANSE daily in your facial cleansing regimen. Use it twice a day, once in the morning for a quick gentle cleanse and once at night for a thorough cleansing of your face. For the night cleansing use SPUGNA FACE CLEANSE with a gentle yet in depth rotating movement, to remove impurities from the skin deep within. Take 1 to 3 minutes to do this depending on your skin type and use appropriate lathering cleanser with it. 

If you are not able to use ZONA SPUGNA CLEANSE we recommend that you switch to a natural wash cloth which you can control by putting in the washing machine after every use.