Bagnogel: Gentle Body Wash with 12 + Active Botanical ingredients

I really love the ZONA products I am using. The Lemon Body Wash--- I use it to wash my hair and even my face, it is amazing!!! I use the lavender oil every morning before I do my stretches and meditation. The Shea is something I look forward to for relaxing time before sleep. Super great things ZONA has done. They work in unity with the other products I am using.
Ginnie, Woodland Hills CA

I got hooked on the Zona products thanks to their amazing soap and body wash. I have a very sensitive skin and I am allergic to certain artificial products if applied on my body. For years I had to try soaps and body washes to find something mild to suit my skin type. The Zona products are very gentle on my skin and I love the fact that it does not contain any artificial products. Since I have started using the line, I have never experienced a dry skin or any scratching because of that. Not to mention that the Italian lemon they have is the most refreshing scent you can have in the morning. I am glad to know that we can still have an honest company out there with natural products.
I also recommend the use of the Sponge, it is very gentle to the skin and lathers fast producing a lot of foam with little soap applied to it. I Highly recommend the Zona products and especially for others like me with very sensitive skin.
Robert, New York, NY 

I have been using both these products (Bagnogel and Spugna) for a few months and have thoroughly enjoyed them. I never really liked using a shower sponge/loofah because my skin is sensitive and would get irritated easily. The Zona sponge is made from very high quality synthetic fibers that it feels amazing and is hypoallergenic. When used with  Bagnogel Body Wash the effect is great. Also, you only have to use a small amount of the gel with the sponge to get a terrific lather. I also feel good about using products that are made with such high quality ingredients. 
Sonia, Atlanta, GA

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Lozione : Hand & Body Lotion with 12 + Active Botanical ingredients

I use the Zona products and French Lavender is my favorite scent as I am from France. It reminds me of the charming Provence aromas. I have a very dry skin and I tried the “Zona Lozione”, it immediately hydrated my skin and made it much softer. Most importantly, the lotion gets absorbed easily and very fast by your skin and does not leave a sticky sensation. It dries fast and I don’t have to wait a long time to get dressed.
Elodie, La Rochelle, FranceBotanicalCleanse: Total-Spa experience antioxidant skin nourishing treatment

My gosh, I LOVE it !!!!!  It is so different from anything I ever tried - and I truly felt like I got a body masque or something - an unbelievable clean feeling and my skin felt (and still feels) incredible. I used it Saturday and really felt like I had a treatment that went way beyond the surface of my skin. I can't think of any home product I have ever used that compares to Botanical Cleanse. I really didn't want to get out of the shower!
Janet Schmidt, Belleville, Illinois

I just tried one of the Zona satchels for the first time (French vanilla), and I loved it!!  The entire shower smelled terrific, and after a few short minutes of using the satchel my skin felt really soft. It was very soothing and helped me relax.  I would definitely recommend the satchels to anyone; it’s a great product!  The nice packaging also makes it a great gift.
Sharre – Hollywood, California

I purchased the Zona single use satchels (green tea) and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone. They are really fantastic and have top-notch ingredients. After using the satchel just one time, I could really tell a difference in my skin. It was softer and smoother. The product lightly exfoliates the skin as it cleanses it. I have very sensitive skin and most products have ingredients which irritate my skin. This product is so mild and the ingredients are so natural that I have never had to worry about skin irritations or rashes. The other thing I really liked is the portability. I like bringing the satchels with me when I travel or go to the gym. They are very convenient and can easily be packed in a gym bag or suitcase and then easily disposed of after they have been used. Really good product. I highly recommend it. 
Sonia in Santa Clarita, California

As soon as I opened Botanical Cleanse my shower was permeated by the aroma of it. The refreshing scent immediately awakened my senses and energized me. BotanicalCleanse has the perfect combination of ingredients to cleanse the body and soothe dry skin. My skin felt great after using this product.
Xaviera Seely from Dallas, TX

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To whom it may concern:

I have had sores on my skin for a number of years which I had treated with a number of different medications with no success. I started using the Zona soap and in several weeks the sores began healing and disappeared. I am not sure why the Zona soap had such healing effect on my sores, but it definitely has worked for me.

Don Krug from Honolulu, HI


(Can’t use artificial fragrance)
I have tried many different soaps and shower gels because I like different fragrances. Unfortunately, my eczema condition reacts badly to everything I've ever used because of the fragrance. Your soaps don't do that! I especially like the lemon and the lavender. Thank you very much for creating a soap that i can use that smells great too!
Maria Cantu - West Hills, CA


My wife Laura gave me a ZONA bar soap to try. She never told me what the product was all she said, “It's all Natural”. I am a skeptic person by nature but tried the product. I scar very easily my physician recently informed me that my scaring is a condition called Keloids. It is heavy, thick, deep, dark color scars.
Within one week of using the Zona bar, my skin and scars are softer, lighter in color and definitively not so thick and not as deep.
Thank you for creating such products.
Gabriel N Aleman - Pasadena, CA

Testimonial: Zona Spugna-Cleanse: Hypoallergenic Bacteriostatic Sponge.

I absolutely love the Zona sponge. It makes everything lather up so nicely and it rinses in seconds too. I love the fact that it is hypoallergenic and toxins free. Que Manifique!
Vanessa – Thousand Oaks, CA


I never tried a pouf like this before. I can’t believe how much it lathers and makes my skin feel so clean and soft. It like instantly rinsed when I held it under the shower spray for just a very brief time, I could see the lather just go - and then I couldn't believe it so I kept squishing it and nothing was there. I am really amazed at how good this pouf is. I LOVE it."

Janet Schmidt
Belleville, Illinois


I'm a skeptic by nature, but I'm also a product guy. I like taking care of my skin, but hate wasting money on things that don't work.  Ever since I started using the Spugna (Sponge) and the Bagnogel (Shower Gel) my skin is cleaner, softer and more vibrant.  I just feel better when I get out of the shower, more refreshed.  I've also noticed that a lot of the little breakouts I used to get on my shoulders and on the back of my neck are either gone or much more infrequent.  I love the way all the products smell and work, so what can I say... except now I just have to make sure my wife doesn't steal it all!  Okay, I'll share!
Marc G. Agura Hills, CA