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Gragano Rigatoni Paesani Pasta

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Gragano Rigatoni Paesani Pasta
Gragano Rigatoni Paesani Pasta
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Situated at the foot of Monte Lattari, Gragnano where this delicious pasta comes from, benefits from a microclimate made of the right mix of wind, sun, and humidity. Combined with durum wheat  and the calcium-poor water of Monti Lattari the dough must be extruded through rough bronze forms and, once it has taken shape, dried at low temperatures in the mountain air as opposed to in an oven. The result of this traditional process is one of the finest pastas in the world. We love Gragnano! Grazie e Buon Appetito.

Non-GMO ingredients. Made In Italy

Gragano Rigatoni Paesani Pasta

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